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. the new jersey governor christie greeted president on the tarmac ahead of a helicopter tour of the damage. he has been one of the president's toughest critics but he says he doesn't care about politics right now and they are working to egg to heard the national guard and state recover. officials tackle the recovery effort, there is much despair, a last it, millions of still without power, many homes are gone and streets up and down the shore and new york are flooded or littered with downed trees. rick is on the jersey shore and jonathan hunt is across the river in new jersey which just got smacked. first, though, to ed henry. what is the president saying today? >>reporter: you showed the striking picture of the president with governor christie a top republicans very close to mitt romney, a very prominent -- they have to put politics aside. the president wrapped up an aerial tour with governor christie of the other devastation, horrific devastation. we had pictures earlier, as well, of governor christie comforting a woman who was openly weeping after seeing her home was destroyed. people h
jersey shore among the hardest hit where the governors of new jersey, chris christie, said that the damage there is absolutely unthinkable and the pictures from above are mindboggling. even as the storm moved north it did not spare maryland, delaware, washington, dc, or northern virginia. hundreds of thousands lost power. roads and bridges are closed. shore lines are battered. the storm then slammed into the big city and surrounding areas, a record surge of seawater coming in to the lower part of manhattan flooding the subways, the tunnels, the roads, everything below 34th street in new york city is without power, the bridges are back open, the subways may not be open for four or five days, the trains that go to new jersey, no one knows they were flooded up to the ceiling in some cases. the trains that lead to long island, no clouds. the city is paralyzed. in connecticut the storm damaged homes and millions of trees are down. some homes washed off their foundation. it caused damage and power outage in pennsylvania, in massachusetts, in new hampshire and in vermont. in all,
of these people were warned by governor christie and by bloomberg and police going door-to-door and knocking and they decided to stay because last august, a year ago, when irene came through and there were dire predictions and it did not come to pass the last time i saw something like to on a beach in a water front was the tsunami in southeast asia where it cleared, the waves come in and it clears civilization about 30 or 40 yards. i wonder how long it will take for the area to recover and whether they can afford it. >> the population pressure on these areas, a lot them are tourist areas, my suspicion is you will see a regeneration fast along some of the boardwalk areas where there is a lot of the carnals have were washed to sea. the demand will be there, they will be rebuilt. >>shepard: if you have a house on the shore your kids need something to do. we know eventually there will be lots of work for lots of people. that does not help you at all today. there is a lost price gouging going on. the worst price gouging was after hurricane andrew if south florida when budgets of ice were $10 in t
cliffton new jersey. the governor of new jersey is speaking right now, chris christie, like, listen. >> first they told me i couldn't, and that is the thing about being governor, because here i am, they said i could not come. what i have seen, the destruction that the lt. governor and i have seen along the beaches and bayhead, it is just not recognizable. i have driven on route 35 since i was a young child coming to the shore with my parents and you cannot recognize the places anymore. it is heartbreaking. heartbreaking for every person in new jersey to see our shoreline cut in half the way it was on monday. it is important to see the damage to get a handle on it and chart a course for rebuilding. that's what we are about to embark upon. all of us together. we are inching closer for being normal in new jersey. there are things we need to get done. for instance, this morning we opened up atlantic city and we opened up the casinos. we are ready to repopulate atlantic city with the people who were evacuated from atlantic city. they are now staying at the university. they are going home
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)